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The Hyde DIY Painting Package

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Everything you need for a Painting Project (except the paint!)

Hyde 80822 2'' Angular Paint Brush, Connoisseur Accessible Series
Easy to control size. Not too big, not too small. Short handle helps get into small spaces. Can be used with latex and oil-based paints. Angled bristle for getting into corners and cutting in ceiling to walls or around cabinets. Great paint pick up, smooth paint release.

Hyde 92010 10" Frame with Plastic Handle
Mini roller frame. Length helps get into spaces you can't reach with brush. For use with 4" or 6" mini rollers.

Hyde 94051 4'' Mini Roller Cover (Micro Fiber), Ultra Touch Series (Pack 2)
Micro fiber picks up more paint than foam or nylon roller covers. Thick nap gets in between and in crevices.

Hyde 45160 Pour & Roll for Metal Cans
Paint right out of a gallon can instead of pouring in secondary container and making a mess. Designed to use with mini rollers so you can hook onto can without it falling off or going in paint. Keeps paint out of top of can. Pour spout for pouring into roller trays without the messy cleanup. For use with metal cans only.

Hyde 43510 Painter's Pyramids
Allows you to paint both sides of cabinet doors, molding, etc. without having to wait for each side to dry to flip. No more painting on newspaper and having it stuck to the project. Paint won't stick to Points. Holds furniture up to 200 lbs so you can paint the legs without hitting ground, etc. Can be screwed into surface to keep from slipping or clipped together to do round objects like curtain rods or doweling.

Hyde 45945 Painter's Assistant
Tons of uses. Clips to roller trays for keep brush clean. Clips to 1/2 quart containers as a handle and has a magnet to hold your brush out of the paint when not using. Built-in paint can opener, roller and brush cleaner features.

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