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Fat Boy 80734 XL 3" Oval Angled Paint Brush

by Hyde

Item Number: H-80734

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Fat Boy Series paint brushes have a unique OVAL shaped bristle pack that increases the number of bristles 25% and improves comfort while painting. More bristles means more paint pickup which means fewer dips in the paint can. Fat Boy brushes utilize our micro filament technology which makes them virtually dripless until you press against a surface. Perfect for today's Arylic Latex paints as well as oil-based paints. Exceptional paint pick up due to the 3 microfilament sizes. Hardwood handle. They come in Straight bristle for large surface painting or angled bristles for precise cut-ins. High quality synthetic bristles will hold their shape and performance for months of continuous use. Construction features Stainless Steel ferrule double epoxy glue and nail bonding between handle, ferrule, and bristles for minimal shedding. Tip: Never clean brushes in hot water. Hot water deforms the bristles and ruins paint pick up and consistent smooth paint release from brush.

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