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Hyde 28476 Pivot Garden Wand

by Hyde

Item Number: H-28476

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Attach a HYDE® PivotPro™ directly to your garden hose and you have a fast, easy solution to all kinds of lawn and garden jobs. Watering plants? Open the nozzle to fine mist, then switch to a jet stream for cleaning muddy boots or equipment. Feeding the lawn? Just fill the mix dispenser with fertilizer concentrate, select a feed-to-water ratio and go! The mix dispenser can be removed for thorough washing, so you can use the same PivotPro™ with any additive for weeding, feeding, watering and cleaning.

But here’s the best part: It’s called a PivotPro™ because the nozzle pivots — so you don’t have to bend and stretch and stoop all day. As you slide the handle the spray angle changes, letting you easily reach over the rim of a planter, under your patio table or into the nooks and crannies of a garden wall. One tool, many jobs so easily accomplished.

• Lightweight aluminum pole provides 46" of extra reach

• Slide grip handle can pivot the nozzle up to 135°

• 16oz. Additive Dispenser with ratio adjustment knob

• 3-Setting Spray Nozzle Adjustment (Shower-Cone-Jet)

• Accepts any standard garden hose accessories

• Rubberized nozzle tip protects surfaces

• Free-spinning hose interface keeps hose from kinking

• Built-in feed reservoir

• Heavy-duty comfort grip

• 3 replacement washers on board IN ADDITION - You also get the quickly clean glove

The easiest way to clean. Developed by a house painter, the Quickly Clean Glove offers and easy and healthy alternative to the usual hand cleaning products. This miracle glove removes oil-based paint, caulk, adhesive, grease, dirt and grime, using nothing harsher than plain water or mild hand soap. It's the perfect solution for cleaning your hands, where harsh chemicals can be a health risk and dry our your skin. Most people normally put as much distance between ‘cleaning’ and ‘DIY’ as possible. DIY is doing, making, building. Cleaning is, well, cleaning.

However, Hyde’s Quickly Clean glove is so effective at cleaning messes that make every day life tedious that everyone should keep a few in their workshop. Not only does it clean stains and grime from cabinetry and woodwork—pet stains where the cat rubs against the door, those set-on stains on the wall or cabinet by the recycle can—it’s also top shelf for cleaning roller pans and paint brushes after painting. You can clean shower doors with it, inside your car, and use it for all kinds of stuff. It cleans without harming the finish and goes anywhere your hand goes.

SKU H-28476