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Poultry Processing Blades

HYDE INDUSTRIAL BLADES FOR POULTRY, FISH, RED MEAT, FRUITS, VEGETABLES & GRAINS For more information, call Fred Duarte, 888.XXX.XXXX Or email us @ sales@hydestore.com Hyde Industrial Blades for Food Processing are the benchmark for quality and durability worldwide. We keep the largest inventory of Food Processing blades in the US (fall river, MA) and typically build a custom blade in 3-4 weeks. For 140 years Hyde has designed, developed and manufactured the finest industrial blades in the world, we are please to be able to provide you with more information or pricing. Inventoried blades include the following types: Poultry cutting blades Dicing blades Skinner blades Bowl choppers Derinder blades Meat grinder inserts Slicer blades Slitter blades Tooth knives Perforator knives Macerators Spiral ham knives Tenderizer knives Hand knives What are Hyde Blades used for? Food Processing in General If you eat it, a Hyde blade probably cut it. From seafood to succotash, mushrooms to bananas, rib steaks to apples, pickles to poultry, a Hyde blade was there, cutting, slicing, slitting, snipping, chopping and helping speed that food from harvest to table. Walk through a meat packing plant or a poultry processing plant and you will find Hyde machine blades used in a variety of processes. Industrial strength 440-A, 440-C and 410 stainless steels are laser cut, blanked, heat treated and precision ground to ensure a clean cut and meet stringent government standards. The reason is simple – you, as a professional, demand the best, since anything less may fail, wasting time and money. Utilizing decades of experience, in-house processes and a large inventory of in-stock stainless and specialty steels, Hyde is the standard against which you measure all the others. No matter what type of blade your food processing facility uses – circular knives, straight knives, propeller blades or custom formed blades – We can make it. Hyde gives the world’s food processing industry the edge it needs. SPECIFIC MARKETS Poultry If you are a poultry processor, you know the Hyde name. We produce hundreds of different styles and sizes of blades used in the processing and packaging of poultry. From the front end to the after processing department, poultry processors have come to depend on Hyde to help get the job done. Fish As a processor of fish, you know first-hand that the environment in your plant is one of the toughest on blades. We work with several metallurgical labs to ensure the materials used in the manufacturing of your blades will hold up to the rigorous conditions inherent with the processing of fish. Red Meat/Pork You know full well that the challenges of beef and pork processing are different than those for poultry or fish, and Hyde blades constantly meet those challenges. From circular knives used in the production of beef jerky to the tenderizer blades used in beef processing, you can count on Hyde to help meet your most demanding needs. Fruits, Vegetables & Grains Processors of fruit, vegetables and grains have been using Hyde blades in your equipment for decades. The unending list of applications for which you use our blades includes pickle slicing, bean snipping, potato slicing, mushroom slicing, walnut processing, granola bar slitting and even the cultivation of bananas with hand knives. Your applications are just as demanding and Hyde is up to your challenge! HOW TO BUY Call us - 888.XXX.XXXX Or email sales@hydestore.com with a detailed request.
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