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Tire and Rubber

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tire and rubber blades

Machine Blades and Hand Knives

"Hyde makes a complete line of circular knives, bias cutters, pin vent trimmers, mill knives, extension blades, handles and hand knives for every rubber cutting application … Hyde gives the rubber industry the edge it needs!

Whether you’re cutting tires, hoses, belts, mats or any type of rubber parts, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions has you covered.

Machine Blades for Tire and Rubber Operations

Hyde circular, straight and custom machine blades make short work of slitting and cutting rubber. We work to match the ideal material alloy to each of your applications to maximize blade performance. A simple, straight-forward solution … just what you’d expect from Hyde! Hyde skivers, bias cutters and calender blades are available in a wide variety of stocked configurations, covering all of the industry’s most common specifications. Don’t see the blade you’re using? That’s not a problem - Hyde can custom-make just about any blade configuration!

Hand Knives and Mill Blades for Tire and Rubber Operations

Hyde hand knives offer portability and flexibility when cutting rubber - they go where you go! They’re great for maintenance departments as well as on the shop floor. A wide selection of v-trim knives, special purpose hand knives, mill blades and handles means we’ve got the cutting edge you’re looking for.

Made in USA

hyde industrial skiver blades

Skiver Blades

Hyde skiver blades are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions while producing tight tolerance results in cutting extruded tire treads to length.

  • Durable high carbon steel
  • Speed tested to 1800 RPM
  • (6) drive/mounting holes
  • S71098 features enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Re-sharpenable

  • Calender Blades

    Designed to remove strips of rubber or plastic that may build up on calenders or mills, calender blades are available in circular and shafted blade configurations.

  • Shafted blades - precision pin holes for proper mounting
  • Circular blades - precision pin holes for indexing of blades
  • Made of hardened tool steel

  • Bias Cutters

    Bias blades are specially designed for angle-cutting of rubber ply stock with bias cutter machinery.

  • D2 steel withstands the toughest conditions
  • Fully ground and honed edges
  • Reversible for double the performance
  • 70610 and 72010 are Teflon® coated

  • Special Purpose Machine Blades

    Hyde manufactures a wide variety of specialty blades for use in tire and rubber processing plants. We keep in inventory many of the more common “specialty” blades

    hyde industrial pin vent trimmers and mill blades

    Pin Vent Trimmers

    Tire plants and re-treaders know that trimming air vent plugs requires tools with edges that are thin enough to cut easily, but strong enough to hold up in a demanding production environment.

  • Broad range to handle most requirements
  • Precision heat treated for endurance
  • Hyde is the industry standard!

  • Mill Blades and Handles

    Hyde mill blades are designed with a carefully determined shape, length, width and features to solve specific production problems - sharp point knives to gouge, square point knives for slabbing/ stripping, industrial butcher knives for cutting tire rubber. The range covers a tremendously diverse range of uses. Practically everything made of wood, paper, cloth, rubber, leather or plastic had Hyde hand knives involved at some stage of the process ... and that’s still true today!

    Choose from Hyde MaxxGrip®, hardwood or extension blade handles. The variety of handle designs offers great diversity in feel and function. Hyde offers the most complete line of industrial and safety hand knives and mill blades in the world. Contact us today for a copy of our full Industrial Hand Knives & Blades catalog

    hyde industrial v-trim blades

    V-Trim & Specialty Hand Knives

    A range of special purpose hand knives for use with rubber and plastic, in the plant or on a jobsite.

  • Specially designed to trim rubber or plastic flashing from surfaces
  • Contoured hardwood handles fit comfortably in the hand
  • High carbon steel blades
  • Hardened, tempered and honed for maximum performance
  • Re-sharpenable
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