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Hyde Industrial Packaging Blades

Hyde Packaging Blades Cut Across A Wide Array Of Packaging Operations

What makes a Packaging blade perform beyond expectations? Start with the best grades of steel the world has to offer. Laser cut the blank shape. Heat treat in a manner that maximizes the life of the cutting edge. Machine it to exacting tolerances. Then guarantee it’s performance. Every Hyde packaging blade is built with these values.

From form, fill and seal to vacuum packing to case sealing, Hyde has you covered. Send us your packaging blade requirements or, if you like, we can help you design your own specific solution. With well over a century of machine blade experience, Hyde can assist you in reaching your desired results. Most requests for quotation are answered in 48 hours or less.

Prototyping is available upon request.

We stock many steel alloys in a variety of sizes to ensure we have material to meet your specific need in the most expedient manner. We’ll quickly turn your packaging challenge into a Hyde solution!

Packaging Blades designed for food, pet food, personal care items, chemical, office supplies, pharmaceutical . . . just about any packaged product!

If its packaged, a Hyde blade probably cut it! From form, fill and seal horizontal and vertical baggers, pouches, shrink-wrappers, over-wrappers, automatic carton tapers and sealers and vacuum packaging, a Hyde blade was there cutting, slicing, slitting, chopping, helping package the products we buy.

Industrial scores slitters, crush cutters, and perforators

We work with a number of steel alloys, in-stock to ensure the right grade of steel is on hand when you need blades. Our in-house heat treat and temper means you are assured of blades that provide top performance consistently. And we back this all up with ISO 9001 certification - our promise of quality and trouble-free performance!

Hyde packaging blades are available in:

  • Straight, serrated tooth - v-tooth, scalloped or perforator edge designs, available from 1” wide to 48” wide
  • Circular, beveled edge– single or double bevel, v-tooth, scalloped or perforator edge designs, available from 1.5” diameter to 20”
  • diameter
  • Custom configuration - non-standard shapes are not a problem - whatever the blade design, odds are we can make it for you

  • A selection of some of the more common Packaging blades we make include:

  • Case sealer knives
  • Tape knives
  • Bagger knives
  • Zig-zag knives
  • Perforators
  • Slicer knives
  • Gloucester blades
  • Form-fill-seal knives
  • Cross-cut knives
  • Crush cutters
  • Tear-slot knives
  • Flow-wrapper knives

  • Custom made blades available upon request—send us your drawing or print and let us quote your requirements. Remember, for all types of packaging, a Hyde blade can cut it!

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