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Hyde Blades and Knives for Converters

Blades and Knives for Converters

Steel choice, edge finish style, bevel angle, edge thickness, surface micro finish, hone technique, flatness, side run-out . . . . all are critical functions that will affect the performance of a blade. Hyde has over a century of experience in providing the right specifications to optimize blade performance. Tell us what your equipment is designed to cut and we’ll build you a blade that cuts it.

In-house laser cutting capabilities mean we can cut virtually any shape imaginable, without expensive tooling. On-site, state of the art heat treating equipment ensures a controlled process, absolutely necessary if flatness is a priority.

Today’s converting operations face challenges never before realized. Frequent shut-downs of equipment due to blade failure are costly and unacceptable. We have the experience to make recommendations that will extend blade life, resulting in increased productivity and yield.

Hyde stocks many types of alloys that are formulated to meet the cutting challenges of today. There’s a fine line between edge performance and durability, and we provide products that address both of those requirements.

Slitters, crush cutters, and perforators for converting applications

Converting companies take bulk quantities of products and convert them into smaller, finished products. Materials such as paper, tapes, foams, plastics, foils and films, silicone, abrasives, rubber and various metals need to be converted, or cut down to size - through slitting and skiving and cut-to-length operations. With many types of alloys formulated to meet the stringent demands faced by today's conversion operations in stock, you can get the performance you need when you need it. Tolerances are monitored closely to ensure that our blades and knives are easy to set up and tune, so you are up and running as fast as possible. Hyde blades deliver increased yield and productivity, helping to drive efficiency and profitability - your bottom line. There's a fine line between edge performance and durability, and we provide products that address both of those requirements. So if you slit it, trim it or cut it to length, Hyde blades give you cutting edge performance.

Types of Blades and Knives for Converters

Some of the more common blades we supply to the conversion industry include:
  • Scoring Blades
  • Slitter Blades
  • Core Cutters
  • Creaser Blades
  • Perforation Wheels
  • Crush Cutters
  • Sheeter Knives
  • Trimmer Blades
  • Mill Blades
  • Hand Knives
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