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Cloth and Textile

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Hyde Industrial Knives for cloth and textiles

Blades for Textiles, Carpet, Fur and Synthetic Fibers

The textile and related industries have been looking to Hyde for blades since the founding of our company back in 1870! Textiles and New England were synonymous back in the late 1800’s and Isaac Hyde saw and capitalized on this strong market for his knives and blades. Today, you know Hyde as the leading global supplier of textile knives and blades for all machine brands and types, from manual cutting equipment to fully automated CNC production lines.

Got a tough application?

Let Hyde customize a solution for you! We stock a variety of steel alloys to provide the best possible performance and quick turn-around for your application requirements. We’ll quickly turn your cutting challenge into a Hyde solution! Prototyping is available upon request. Hyde stocks many types of alloys that are formulated to meet the cutting challenges of today. There’s a fine line between edge performance and durability, and we provide products that address both of those requirements.

Hyde Industrial Knives for fur, carpet, and synthetic fibers

Reliability, Quality, and Durability

When it comes to cutting reliability, you can count on Hyde blades to provide the quality and durability you demand. For well over a century, Hyde has manufactured replacement blades for all the major manufacturers of textile cutting equipment. Hyde blades cut just about anything - from garment fabrics to carpet to upholstery, from natural fibers to modern man-made fibers. That’s because our blades are made of the finest materials to produce consistent metallurgy. This results in blades that provide longer life, less down time and reduced blade replacement cost.

In ISO #8442-5-2004 standardized testing versus all the major competitors’ products, Hyde blades outperformed them in all aspects of the testing, yielding some very impressive results:

  • Hyde blades were 20% sharper out of the box on initial cutting performance - meaning cleaner cuts, which lead to longer blade life.
  • Hyde blades lasted 72% longer than the leading USA manufacturer of machine blades in total cost per cut.
  • In today’s highly competitive market, it is not always the “price per blade” that determines value, but the quality of cuts you get as well as the number of cuts you get. Total value can far outweigh initial price and you get the best total value with Hyde, dollar for dollar.

    A selection of some of the more common blades used by cloth and textile processors include:
  • Slitter blades
  • Shear blades
  • Bias slitters
  • Die knives
  • Guillotine blades
  • Ledger blades
  • Mill blades
  • Hand knives

  • Current Inventoried Material Types Include:
  • High carbon steels High speed steels
  • Teflon coating available upon request
  • Custom made blades available upon request. Send us your drawing or print and let us quote your requirements. When it has to be cut, cut it with Hyde!

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